February Advertisers

February Advertisers

After what feels like the LONGEST January ever, it’s finally February!

So with a new month, comes new advertisers! I’m now offering space for 4 people to advertise with me each month. More details on the packages can be found on my Advertising page!

So let’s start the introductions then!


Alicia – A Lifestyle Blog


Alicia is a twenty-one-year-old lifestyle blogger living in the south of England. On her blog, she writes about topics such as self-help and wellness, personal growth, social justice, blogging tips for beginners, and general lifestyle. Also as of September 2017, she’s a self-published author of a poetry collection ‘I Danced with Sorrow’.  Her posting days are Monday and Friday!


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Derek is a YouTube gamer/streamer. He’s also my live-in boyfriend. He uploads regularly to his YouTube channel, its mostly live streaming sessions of different shooting games, RPG’s or MMO’s. Currently, he’s mainly playing Rainbox Six Seige and Call Of Duty.


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That’s it for this month!

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