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Not going to lie, this covers my favourite person to buy for.

I also know, this can also be the hardest person to buy for, especially if the person in question is extremely picky! But, I find it the most fun, as you get to play more with personalised gifts, which are all the more adorable!

Unlike my last gift guide, I will be including more “large company” items, because although I’ve mainly bought from smaller companies for my boyfriend, I have gotten at least two items from major companies.


Amazon Fire Tablet

Perfect for the tech-obsessed boyfriend (or the one that watches videos in bed). Plus the Fire tablet is currently on offer on Amazon, so it’s well worth the purchase!

Unicorn / Message Pillow

Maybe it’s just my boyfriend who is obsessed with these (literally spent upwards of 30 minutes playing with one in Argos) but getting to add that special touch to them makes them even more special. Plus this one comes in “male friendly” colours. Plus the special message can be ANYTHING! Such as; the date you got together, a saying you always use, or his favourite quote. This one comes from Alesso Shop on Etsy, which is based in London.

Customer Bottle Opener

Maybe it’s just my house that doesn’t own a bottle opener, but this could be extremely cute. Plus, if your partner (like mine) has a name that isn’t normally on things in shops, it can be extremely special. This also comes from an Etsy shop – Adorning Oaks Atelier, which is based in Indiana in the United States (and has lots of cute bits and pieces!)

PlayStation / XBOX / Nintendo Game’s / Credits

Image result for playstation xbox nintendo


Again, I know it’s generic, but if your boyfriend is anything like mine, this will be an appreciated gift. All I’ve heard recently is that he wants Dirt 4 or Grand Turismo (He got the latter a month or so back.)

Loot Crate

Image result for lootcrate

I know this may be generalising, but my boyfriend is the biggest gamer I know! These boxes have always amused me, plus its a complete surprise for both you, and your partner, although they do have an amazing of boxes available, so there is something for everyone.

So that is it for my boyfriend gift guide, mostly because I don’t want to give too much away to my boyfriend, who reads my blog!

What are you getting your partner this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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