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It’s my first Gift-Guide of 2017!

This year, I want to do something different with my gift guides. I know the majority of gift guides feature different items from HUGE brands, HUGE stores, or are items that are insanely well known.

I want to create a 5 item guide, featuring Etsy picks, MLM products, or people who work out of rooms in their own homes. As an MLM seller myself, I feel it’s so important to get all kinds of small businesses out there, and how could be better than a blog post?!


So let’s jump right in! I would like to add, I’m basing this mainly on my own mum, but I do feel these gifts will suit mothers everywhere.

“Magic Cushion”

I know my mother loves cute homeware. I also know she is currently as obsessed with these cushions as I am. This one allows you to add a message to it, to personalise it with something that has meaning to you and your mum. I’d personally add a saying or something else with a huge meaning.

This is from sellerĀ Personalise Me Cumbria. They do a variety of gorgeous, personalisable items, suitable for literally anyone in your life.

The Body Shop Gift Sets (Coconut)


It wouldn’t be a gift guide without at least one pamper kit. I know my mum LOVES The Body Shop, and their sets are always a huge hit with her! Plus, she has extremely sensitive skin, so the Coconut range is not only calming for her skin, but it helps with her dry patches as well.

This can be got from my lovely friend Hayley, who is a Body Shop at Home consultant. I also believe she may be running offers coming up to Christmas, so her facebook group is well worth the look!

Bubble Bath Bombs

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Every mother deserves the chance to have a night to herself, pampering herself. This not only goes hand in hand with the Body Shop set, but it ensures your mum gets the pamper night she 100% deserves! Plus these beauties smell AMAZING and create bubbles!

These can be got from the gorgeous Parris! She is a consultant with Pamper Boutique, who do amazing bath bombs, bubble bombs, scented warming bears and so much more! This is another wonderful #BossBabe who is well worth supporting!

Art Prints

I couldn’t do a gift guide without talking about the amazing work done by Jemma over at Dorkface. Everyone loves an inspiring post, so imagine having one hanging in your home. Plus with the number of personalised pieces available, you could get something to make your mum feel as special as she is!

This, and so many other amazing products are available on the DorkFace Etsy Store which is run by the gorgeousĀ Jemma over at Dorkface! Perfect for any gift that will be 100% individual as everything is made to order.

Floral Letter Light

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I adore things like these because you can be as creative as you like. Personally, I’d be buying three, and spelling out “Mum” with them, which is not only cute but something she’ll cherish. Although, another part of me would buy four letters, and spell out “Edel” as my mum never manages to get anything with her name, so it’d be that bit extra special.

These come from a home-based business – “Made By Kate“. Kate makes a variety of gorgeous gifts. There are too many to mention, but I fully recommend checking her out! No matter who you’re buying for, Kate will have something!

So there is my gift guide for mums. Everything here means you can make your mum feel as special as she is!

What was your favourite item on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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