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Here’s a secret for you, I like cards more than presents!

I once sent Derek to get a card, after he forgot to get one, on our anniversary. I hoard cards and still have all of the ones I’ve gotten for birthdays and Christmas.

I’ve even got a space (wall) in my flat which I use for putting up cards. Right now it has our anniversary cards, my birthday cards, and our new home cards. I’ll be doing a separate one for Christmas cards near the tree though!

So why am I talking to you about cards? Because todays post is all about Christmas Cards! Today I’ going to be talking about some gorgeous cards from Artfull Puffin*.

The Perfect Christmas Cards

Artfull Puffin is a British art company which creates cards, and small magnets which contain facts about the animals printed on them. Everything is beautifully made, and the cards either come blank or with a small message inside them.

I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous package from the company filled with their beautiful range of cards, as well as a few gift tags and a magnet!


How gorgeous is everything?! I actually cannot pick a favourite! Well, I do adore the Robin cards.. but I also adore the Meerkat!


These gift tags are perfect coming up to Christmas. With cute images, and just enough space to write a message to the person, you’re sending the gift to. (Or to hang on your wall, like I will likely do)


These are one of my favourites from the pack. I adore Robins in general, so these cards are absolutely beautiful! I’ll be using these cards for actually giving out this year! (but I will be keeping at least one for my wall display!)


These are insanely Christmassy, which I adore! Plus, from the photo, the Holly looks like a 3D Design, while it’s actually 2D! I’ll also be using these this year as well (and holding one back for my wall display)


I feel like I’m just going to keep saying that these cards are beautiful, but they really are! I love how the card is actually designed, and it’s one I don’t want to give away!


I love the story within this card. I’m a sucker for cards like this, and it’s one I would totally pick up in a card store, and keep forever. (The more I write in this post, the more I realise my obsession with cards.)


These are just beautiful! These are beautiful, and I feel like these could be used for literally ANYONE! You could send this to your mum, granny, partner, or younger sibling!


The idea of this card took me a while to figure out what the idea was on this card until I remembered the lyric “three French hens”. Clearly, this amused me for a good while. This is something I’d be more likely to send to my mum or granny, purely because they’d be more likely to “get” the card (at least faster than I did!)


This one is completely perfect for a certain person in my life (to the extent I will be sending it to them!) This also came with a cute little magnet, which means even after the cards gone (unless they hoard them like me!)

So there are all of the gorgeous cards you can get from Artfull Puffin for Christmas!

What one was your favourite? (I can’t choose!)

Love, Bronagh

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