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I love a good candle!

Honestly, nothing is better than coming home, lighting a candle, and relaxing. Even just coming home, and setting up anything that smells amazing, can just lift my mood in an instant.

I’ve been obsessed with all kinds of Candles for such a long time, and the brand I’m about to talk about, honestly, does the most amazing candles.

Perfect Christmas Scents

The brand I’m talking about? Darcey’s Candles! This is a brand made in Scotland, and all of their wax products are made with Soy Wax! Which means its a cleaner burn, and they are safer for those with sensitive noses.

Now, to be fully clear, I am a rep for this company, but I’m not just talking about them for that reason. Until recently, I was a Yankee Candle girl, no other candles matched them. Then I bought some candles from a friend, and I was converted! No more smoke whenever I burn candles (which means cleaner walls!) plus no more headaches! Perfect!

So today I want to chat about the amazing Christmas range!

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Above, is an image detailing all of the scents, but I’m going to focus on my favourites – Cola Bottles, Mrs Claus Cookies and Iron Broo.

Cola Bottles smells exactly like the sweets. Plus the scent flows extremely well. If I burn these melts in my kitchen, within an hour, I can smell it in my bedroom! If you’re a fan of sweet candles, then this is truly our perfect Christmas scent, plus it can be burned all year round! Score!

Mrs Claus Cookies is just what it says on the tin – it smells like freshly baked sugar cookies! In this, you can smell what would have been buttercream frosting and the vanilla in the cookies! It’s my current favourite scent, and I’ve been buying LOTS of the melts, as they’ll be gone after Christmas. These are perfect for the person with a sweet tooth in your life. Not only do they smell amazing, but they definitely have no calories!

Lastly, Iron Broo. Anyone who’s ever had a bottle or can of Iron Bru will know it not only tastes unique but smells amazing! These smells scarily similar to the drink, and personally, they bring me back to my childhood, as I loved that drink! Even Derek agrees that he likes this scent!

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With so many amazing options, I’ve been getting lots of my family Darcey’s based Christmas gifts! From candles for mums and granny’s to aroma beads for the men (as they can be used as a car air freshener!) I’ve even got my brother a large candle in one of the Mr Darceys scents!

The final order date for Christmas is the 13th December (I think!) This is mostly to ensure delivery before Christmas, as everything is handmade to order! I love this, as it means you know love and care went into every candle made!

What’s your favourite scent at Christmas or just in general? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ve also left my Darceys link below, for anyone interested in ordering, or finding out more!

Love, Bronagh

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