Bodenes Texas BBQ Diner | Review

I’ve missed doing food reviews! I feel this is an obvious statement, but I love food!

The only thing I love more than eating food; is getting to review somewhere that does amazing food! Before I go any further though, I would like to add I’m not being sponsored and I wasn’t even asked to do this review, I just loved the food so wanted to talk about it.

Bodenes Diner Review

So first off, the decor! This place is beautiful! The decor is very much American diner style, with gorgeous wall decor, which is a mixture of signs and old style wanted posters. I feel this just this really added to the amazing atmosphere within the restaurant.

Now onto that atmosphere! From the second I walked into the restaurant, I felt welcome. The staff was all amazing, incredibly friendly, and they made sure we always had everything we needed. At one point, we were also giving a lemon scented hand wipe during our starter – something I’ve never had before!

Now for the food!


This was our starter, cheesy garlic bread. I tend to order this every time I go out with my boyfriend for dinner, because of this we consider ourselves very good at spotting quality cheesy garlic bread. This is for sure quality cheesy garlic bread. The dip/sauce was also amazing. I’m not 100% sure what it was, but I’m going to go with some kind of mayo.

Honestly, the garlic bread had the perfect crisp, and the cheese was just melted enough to make it perfect. I would 100% order this again!


The mains were just amazing. The top image is a Billy the Kid Burger, with fries (Dereks) and the second is a Diner chicken basket (Mine).

According to Derek, the burger was gorgeous. It was a 6oz burger, cooked perfectly. As well as the burger, he had beer battered onion rings, a small portion of peppered chicken, one piece of crispy bacon and swiss cheese. This was all served on a brioche style bun. No lie, it looked so good that I wanted to try it! He couldn’t fault this, his only complaint was that he was unable to finish it!

For my meal, I had the same complaint – I couldn’t finish it!

The sides that came with it are; coleslaw, gravy, smokey barbeque sauce and a taco sauce. It’s no secret that taco sauce is my FAVOURITE sauce, so this made me very happy. Below the chicken, is fries. The chicken itself is served three different ways. The first one is marinated in a smokey barbeque sauce, the second is Kentucky style strips and the third is coated chicken wings. I honestly cannot fault a single part of it.

The marinated chicken tastes amazing! It has a gorgeous barbeque flavour, and the chicken is perfectly done. The coated chickens were also beautiful. All of the flavours worked so well together and left me with a smile on my face.

We didn’t order a dessert, purely because we went to the cinema after, so didn’t want to overeat.  However, the dessert menu looks completely amazing! It’s something I will most definitely be trying at a later date!

Overall I found this place to be completely amazing, and somewhere  I cannot wait to visit again.

Where have you tried recently that you loved? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh

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