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This time of year for me means one thing – MOT time!

My little Clio has her MOT every September, so when I was approached to do a post on ways to care for your car, I knew it was perfect timing. My own car is an older Renault Clio, and I rely on using these methods to keep her looking and feeling her best, always.

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So as I mentioned, I drive an older car, so taking care of her is so important.

The main way I try to keep her feeling her best is by making sure her tyres are always up to standard. I live in a rural area, and the roads aren’t brilliant. For me, ensuring my tyres are always on point, ensures not only my car looks great, but that I’m safe while dealing with Northern Irish County roads!


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Another way I ensure my car is well cared for is by booking it in for regular servicing. I’m very lucky that my boyfriend works in a garage. This means he makes sure I’m getting my car serviced regularly. So everything from brakes, to oil, to wipers are taken care of! Score!

Why is the servicing important? Because there is so much that goes on with your car, that you don’t see. I once had my partner ring me because my brake pads were completely done, and I had no idea. I was never more thankful for a service!

And my favourite way to care for your car? Keeping it clean! I’m extremely guilty of having a messy car, so nothing feels better than giving it a good clean. The best part of a clean? Changing the air freshener! Right now, my car smells just like vanilla!

Another way I take care of my car tyres is to make sure they are healthy and not harmed in any way. Tyres are the only part of the car that is in contact with the road so it’s important to make sure that there are no cuts in the tyres, the pressure is correct and the tyre tread hasn’t worn off. If you are looking to buy new tyres, you can book cheap tyres in Dundee on Fife Autocentre website – if you live in or around the area!

What ways do you care for your car? Has this post helped you remember to do something for your car? Love, Bronagh

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