Favourite Quotes

I adore quotes.

To me, they are the best way to describe anything. They also motivate me so much, and some inspire me to really work towards my goals.

I use these daily to make sure I’m still working towards being the best I can be!

So to celebrate the quotes I adore right now, I’ve decided to gather them all here, in this post!


This is one of my favourite get up and go quotes. I’ve also got this as a wallpaper on my phone, that way the motivation never leaves!


This is another one to get you going with some get up and go! I currently live for these kinds of quotes!


Have you saw the pattern yet?

This is one I have as my cover photo on my Facebook page. It’s fast becoming my favourite.


I love this one as well!

I really believe that you can control your future by visualising what you want to achieve. Right now I’m working on making sure I’m sending out so many positive vibes so I can make the best of my life.

What are your favourite quotes?

Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh