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Time for Some (small) changes!

And really I mean relativity small!

You’ve probably noticed, I’ve been away for about two weeks. This was a mixture of me not having posts prepared and it being my exams week.

This meant I had no time to put into this, but now that its just back to classes again, I have time! Yay!

So I thought this was the perfect time to introduce a couple of things.

So lets begin!


So first things first – I’m starting a mailing list.

You probably noticed this when you came onto my site today.

I’ll be sending it out monthly, and it will feature upcoming posts, and any Younique updates!

You can sign up via the form below!

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Second Change – I am starting up having advertisers again!

Whenever I had Bronaghs Beauty and Books, I had monthly advertisers. I wanted to bring this back for a while, so now here we go again!


So what will be included in my advertisers package?

  • Singular Friday Follow on Twitter each Week
  • A paragraph in my Advertisers Post
  • x4 Post shout-outs on Facebook
  • x4 Post Shout outs or Re-tweets on Twitter
  • x2 Re-grams on Instagram
  • A spot to do a guest post
  • Pinterest Re-Pin
  • Channel / Other Social media shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

Best Bit?

All this is FREE!

I’m still building my page views, but my other social media platforms are quite well built up! I’ll be putting all of that information on a new page called – “Advertise with me”!

And that is it for changes!

If you fancy an advertising spot, leave me a comment down below!

Also feel free to sign up for my mailing list!

Which of the two changes are you most excited about?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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