Nails of the Day

I love doing my nails!

This is also linked to my work’s do post, as its the nails I had for it. I adore finding the time to do my nails and making them look amazing.

I think most of us have the same issues when it comes to winter. Dry hair, dry skin and horrid nails! Due to this I felt my best option was to buy a set of false or “fake” nails.

I picked up this pair in Superdrug.  I can’t find them on their site, but I have found a close match on ASOS!


It’s really annoying me that I can’t remember the brand, but I do know they were around the £5 mark.

I loved these when I applied them. But then the problems started!

So I applied these the night before, thinking this would mean they would be better suited and this would allow all drying and any other things to settle, sadly I was very!

I woke up the next day, lifted my phone, and one thumb was nearly gone! Luckily, I still had a good amount of nail glue left, so I re-attached it. Then the first finger on that hand done the same! And the other thumb, and that hands middle finger.

By the time I was leaving for my staff do, all of the nails had came off at one point!

It got so bad, that if one started to come off, I just took it off! Far too much hassle for me! I only choose false nails for the ease of not having chipped polish!

Then again, I did only pay like £5 for them! So I don’t think I can really complain, can I?

Overall, I wouldn’t rate these, as even so much as driving would make a nail come off and that hurt like hell! However, they do trim well, file well and the glue comes off easily with a nail buffer.

Have you tried “cheaper” false nails?

What did you think of them?

Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh

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