3D Fibre Lash Mascara | Review

Who doesn’t love mascara?

I adore mascara! As you know, I sell Younique and it’s actually the best mascara I’ve tried. So since there was a new formula launched, I thought I’d do you guys a little post.

So I’m nearly sure everyone has heard about Younique by now. If not, we’re a pretty huge company, but we started with just this mascara. Obviously a different formula, as this is the third formula. And from there, the company has boomed!

It’s all social media based, and there is 500K presenters worldwide, which I think is amazing.

So today I want to talk about the rebooted Lashes. So lets begin!


So this is the perfect commutation of the first mascara and the second version.

It has a new transplanting gel. This gel’s formula may be secret, but I do know it contains the uplift serum. A quick way to describe it is, its a miracle serum for wrinkles and droopy skin.

This also a new bottle! This was the most exciting part for me as I’ve never actually had a mascara that has this. It has a bit inside, which actually clears the excess product off the brush before you use it.


The fibres are nylon. Before they were a different material, but for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you what it is! This means the fibres are now more fine, so the end result is even better!

So the pictures I’m posting are of one layer of the mascara.

Personally I am in love with this. I’ve not tried two layers for pictures yet, but I feel like I need to as I’ve seen some which literally reach peoples eyebrows! I wish I had that photo on my laptop!


I adore this formula compared to our last one.

The gel doesn’t feel as dry and it wipes off super easily. This has literally became a staple in my beauty routine so yay!

If you want to buy one, you can here! (From my site)

Have you ever tried any fibre lash mascaras?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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