Perfect Cupcakes Every Time With MyCupcakeToppers

It’s Christmas Eve!!!

This is literally one of my favourite days of the year, so I thought I’d celebrate by writing a post on something I’ve recently fallen in love with.

As you all know, I love cupcakes, cakes, and anything you can buy in a bakery. So when I had the opportunity to do a post in collaboration with My Cupcake Toppers, I jumped at the chance.

I went for two styles, Christmas, and my Younique Business Name. That way I could show you guys the best of two worlds. How these can be used for business, and how they can be used for pleasure.


So in the Christmas pack, I got 3 Santa and 4 Reindeer toppers. How cute are these!?

I think they look perfect and will look even better on our table this Christmas!

These toppers are made from rice paper. I stuck them onto the cupcakes using a Betty Crocker Butter Cream Icing. I can’t make icing, so store bought was my only option!

Those are a close up of the two designs.

I can’t even pick a favourite, although I do have a soft spot for Rudolph!

These even taste lovely on the cupcakes. I didn’t bake the cupcakes, like the icing, they’re shop bought mini maderia cakes.


Then as you can see, I have my business name!

I wish I’d chosen a better design for these, but I accidentally ordered a huge sheet with the writing on! So I trimmed it and used the butter cream to “stick” the words onto a few of the cupcakes.

There is also an option to upload your Logo or image, so this option would be perfect for anyone during a launch party or for a Birthday cake!

What do you guys think of the cupcake toppers?

You can buy your own from the My Cupcake Toppers Website! 

Let me know in the comments what your dream topper would be!

Love, Bronagh

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