Little Christmas Update

Well I disappeared again!

I need to stop doing this! I’ve already made a start on January posts to try and avoid this happening again!

So to make up for it, I have got another Pre-Christmas post coming up on Saturday, I just need to do the post photos and it will be up!

So here’s a little update, so that I’ve at least made the attempt at Blogmas!

Little Christmas Update.png

So we’re now 3 days from Christmas! Who’s excited?!

I’ve literally just finished wrapping everyone’s gifts, and now I’m just waiting to put them below the tree on Christmas day. I would do it sooner, but my dog would eat all the presents.

I’ve not been posting mostly due to mental health. My anxiety has been up and down, so I’ve been struggling to post or even keep up with my social media. I’m working harder on staying on track and promise to be back up and running by January!

I’ve also unintentionally changed my hair colour again! I tried to go brown, and it went black, so now its dark again! I love it this colour and was that way for so long! I may stay this colour, but I’m not sure right now!

In other news, I’m with Derek on Boxing Day this year and I can’t wait! We’ll be having a second Christmas, exchanging our gifts to each other! Also we will hopefully go out for dinner, so I may even review the place we go to, if anyone would like to know more or read it.

So What is everyone else’s Christmas plans?

Are you with family or friends?

Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh