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Happy Sunday Everyone!

So I’m currently sitting on my boyfriends bed, he’s playing Call of Duty, I’m blogging, and I couldn’t think what to write today. Then I google blogger tags. When in doubt, I always look at tags!

Then I saw the “20 Things About Me” Tag pop up. I’ve done this before on my last blog, but then I thought, I can totally turn this on it’s head and make it more Christmas-sy and use in for Blogmas.

So here is a mutant tag – “20 Christmassy Things About Me”


Every Year I MUST Own a Christmas Jumper.

this one is pretty obvious to those who know me outside of the computer screen. This is literally a yearly tradition now and I aim to have at least 2. I only have 1 so far this year, so that needs fixed!

I must complete all Christmas Shopping before the 10th December.

I aim for getting it complete before December in general, so I can chill and enjoy the holidays. It also means no last minute panics waiting on parcels!

If I don’t spend at least one day living off left-overs, it was not a successful year.

In my house, boxing day is left over turkey and trimmings day. I adore this as it means I get to eat all my favourite foods again. When I move out, the day will likely expand to 3, as I will over cook for the holiday

I still get up early to open presents.

I’m literally like a child. I need to open them super early so I can enjoy them longer.

I will play Christmas Songs on repeat when wrapping presents.

This helps me feel super Christmassy and puts me in a proper good mood.

All my wrapping is mostly sellotape.

This is sadly very true. Wrapping is not my strong point. I am slowly improving though.

I have an obsession with getting the Christmassy-ist wrapping paper I can.

I literally seek out the most dorky, Christmas loving paper.

I have an advent calendar every year.

I love having little bits of chocolate to start my day. This year I have a Milky Bar advent Calendar.

I cannot open a present until Christmas Day.

I do not understand people who can. my only exception to this is if you have a Christmas Eve box, or something similar!

I love the local Christmas Markets that pop up.

We have one in my local town and its lovely. We have a much larger one in Belfast and it’s amazing. I make a point of going every year!

I’ve never eaten Christmas Cake.

I may be wrong about this, and just not know it. However I have never eaten a home-made Christmas cake. We keep meaning to make one, but never actually get around to it.

Once I see the Coke ad, I know it’s time for Christmas

This is my favourite ad, as it never changes. I love it.

I’ve never cried at a John Lewis Ad.

I don’t know why people do either, to me it’s just a TV ad.

It’s a firm tradition in my house to watch The Queens Speech on Christmas Day, during dinner.

Literally without fail this happens every year

We also always have Christmas Crackers on the table

This is just our thing on Christmas day at dinner. Then we all have fun pulling them and seeing what we can get.

If I win a hat in a cracker (I always do!) I must wear it throughout dinner

As do most of the family so it’s almost an unspoken tradition, only some of us won’t wear them.

Christmas Breakfast is always chocolate, or sweets, which you got as presents.

This is very serious. I still have toast beforehand too! It’s like a habit I cannot break!

Until about 3/4 years ago, we would film us opening presents.

This only stopped as my brother turned 13 / 14 so we were too old to be filmed.

When we were little, Mum and Dad would hide our big presents in the house, for us to find.

My best example of this is a note saying “Find the Dragon.” This was my brothers drum kit which was set up in our garage. We looked everywhere else first before we found it. It was such a fun morning!

I love sending out Christmas Cards!

This is 100% true. I want to send everyone a card. Literally. I always buy way too many, so I send cards to everyone I know! If you want one, let me know in the comments! I have lots of cards again this year!

What are some Christmas Based facts about you?

Let me know in the comments below!

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