Winter Lip Care

Its that dreaded time of year for your skin.

Everything is getting dry, your lips are chapping, and your hands are in a horrid condition! Well, I have lips sorted for you, so you can thank me later!

I take lip care so seriously, as a bad base for your lip stick / gloss / stain / liner will ruin your overall lip look.

I tend to have extremely chapped, dry lips from October – February every year, so I work super hard to ensure they stay their best.


Lip Bon Bon

This is my lip saviour! Before Younique I relied so much on Vaseline for this, and while it worked, it wasn’t the most attractive thing to put on daily.

This little beauty is a tinted lip balm which comes in 5 different shades, ranging from a rosy red to a clear balm. They all taste amazing too!

I apply a thick layer of this every night + I keep a tube in my bag for top ups when my lips feel dry or start to chap. This has been a life saver so far this year!

LUSH Lip Scrubs

I adore all things LUSH!

Their scrubs are life saving! Every morning when I wake up I use this. Literally before I even brush my hair this is on my lips! I use this daily and I love it. I have 3 different flavours too!

These are also edible, so they’re perfect for daily use.

These give me the best base possible for my balm, and then any lip colour I’ll be using that day. Amazing!

Buy this here!

Younique Lip Exfoliator

Another favourite exfoliator!

I use this one before bed, if I’ve had a particularity bad lip day.

I keep it in the fridge as well, so it stays firm and it makes it amazing. It is also edible (or at least I think it is!) as its just sugar + Shea butter. It’s perfectly paired with our lip bon bon’s as well, which is why I adore it.

What is your go to lip products?

Do you use different scrubs or are you all about the balm?

Let me know in the comments section!

Love, Bronagh

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