My 2017 Vision Board!

I love to plan!

I may not always stick to my plans 100%, but I still love to try.

Since joining Younique, I’ve been really encouraged by all of our elite presenters to give Vision Boards a go. We get to see so many posts of those people who in-visioned achieving things, and then go onto achieving those goals.

I’ve created one which is a mixture of Younique goals, and general life goals!

As I’ll be printing this out and displaying everything on my wardrobe door, so I’ll just be posting up the five images with their explanation!

Image result for younique blue status picture

Reach Blue Status with Younique

This is my biggest goal for 2017! Reaching blue status is huge in Younique as it shows so much dedication. For me, getting to hit this is a goal for 2017. I will hit this! No matter what!

Image result for queens university belfast

Get into Queens University Belfast for LLB Law!

This is my main educational goal! This is the main place I want to go to study for my law degree, so it’ s going on my vision board and will happen!

Image result for younique cruise

Get onto the Younique Cruise 2017!

This goes hand-in-hand with hitting blue. I got to see my upline go on the 2016 cruise, and it looked amazing! I have to earn a place on the 2017 one! I plan to work my butt off to get there!

Image result for weighing scales

 Loose 50 pounds.

I set this every year, but I will do it this year! For obvious reasons, that isn’t me on the scale, and I won’t be sharing my actual weight – until I loose 50LBS anyway!

2017 will be the year I will actually make a splash with my weight loss journey!

Image result for home

Move into my first home.

This is something I wanted to do this year, but I didn’t work hard enough towards it. For me this will either be my own apartment (with Derek of course!) or Halls at University. The picture is of course, my end game home. Something gorgeous in a picturesque area, however, I know my first place will more than likely be very different! My second however will move closer to my end goal!

Do you have a vision board? Are you obsessed with planning?

Let me know in the comments section!

Love, Bronagh

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