Current Candle Obsession

I adore candles!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t but for me it seemed like one of the most perfect post for starting back up. This time of year, I’m using these and my Yankee Candle Wax Warmer (which I will have a post up on shortly!!)

I wanted to be able to tell you all about what my room actually smells of this time of year. Or at least until I can purchase more Christmas-y scented candles.


I know this photo is pretty bad for quality, and trying to read the scents can be very hard.

The purple candle is a Blackcurrent and Forest Plum candle and the pink one is a Pink Grapefruit Candle.

The Grapefruit candle is one I have going throughout the year.

It has such a fresh scent that I feel could work well with any season or theme. Its also light and n0t over powering, which is perfect for me. It’s also a steal at less than £5 from Primark.

The Blackcurrent candle is much more wintery. I’d decribe it as more for a christmas candle, as it has more traditional seasonal scent, if you know what I mean. I left this candle at Dereks and he has been burning it daily ever since! So to me that is a brilliant testiment to that candle! It is also under £5 in Primark which is perfect!

Right now I’m obsessed with both of these and I have one to burn no matter which house I’m in! (Be it mine or Dereks!) Also I’ve mangaed to create a love of candles with Derek! Woo!

What candles are you burning at the moment?

Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh

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