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As you can guess, I have news!

I’ve wanted to scream this from the rooftops since I started this, and I’ve been starting to post little bits and bobs on my blogs Facebook page!

I’m sure by this point you’re all buzzing to know what my news is, so lets get stuck in.


I’ve joined Younique!

I know for some people, this isn’t good news! But for me, this is amazing!

It’s a chance for me to be able to build my confidence, and build a lifestyle for myself!

I’ve now got my own site with them, and I’m hosting my first ever Younique party!

I also have a VIP Group, so you can stay up to date with new products, and any other things happening in our company!

Obviously, I’d love if all of you wanted to come and be a part of this journey with me! However, I get that not everyone will want to.

I am however, going to be posting reviews of our products on here, and updates such as the monthly Kudos (October is pictured below!)


Please feel free to check out the lines above, and let me know if you have any questions at the moment!

Love, Bronagh

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6 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS!

  1. Aww, congratulations hun! So pleased for you. I don’t wear, or even make-up, besides a bit of BB stuff haha. So I probably won’t be joining you in this journey but I’m pleased for you – it sounds like a great opportunity for you! 🙂 xx

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