21 Things I've Learnt in 21 Years

It’s my birthday! Yay!

I’m officially 21 now! This feels so weird to say, but I’m very happy to be able to say I’m finally 21! Now I can go to Harry Potter World in Orlando and try fire whiskey! Living the dream right here!

Today I’m going to be getting personal! I’m going to be talking about what I’ve learnt in my 21 years! Some may apply to more people, but like I said, this will be a personal post!


  1. My Bad Skin will be with me for a lot longer!

    I have (in my opinion!) horrible, acne prone skin. As I type this, I’m currently breaking out. I hate it and thought after puberty it’d all go away, I was so wrong! This will likely be a life thing for me, but I do hope it calms down a bit!

  2. Eating Right isn’t easy, but loosing weight is harder!

    You all know I’m “Plus Sized” I am trying so hard to loose weight, but really I wish I’d just had a better diet in the first place to prevent ever needing to try and loose weight. Gaining it is easy, loosing it is damn well hard!

  3. Loosing people can be very hard, but it does get easier.

    I hate loosing people I love. I hate it. But, it does get easier. I’m not saying I’m immune to death, but I can cope much better now than I used to.

  4. Being emotional does not mean you are weak!

    I’m such an emotional person! I cry over anything and laugh a lot over nothing. I tend to cry a lot without much of a reason, but this doesn’t mean I’m weak! This is something I took time coming to terms with.

  5. You can’t be happy all the time!

    I consider myself an optimist, which is very hard to be all the time! I’ve had to learn you can’t always be happy, but you can make steps towards being that way.

  6. Anxiety is an arse, but you can beat it.

    I have anxiety. I hate it, but I don’t let it control me. I have worked so hard to overcome it and now I can happily say its very well controlled.

  7. Your best friend 10, 5 or even 2 years ago, may not always be your best friend.

    I learnt this a very hard way, by loosing people I considered my close friends, and drifting from those I was close with to being just a passer by in their life. Its hard, but I know I’ll always have the memories.

  8. Your first love isn’t always the one.

    This one was a hard one. I love my current boyfriend, and he loves me, but we aren’t each others first loves. It’s hard to love someone and loose them, but when you find “the one” it all becomes worth it.

  9. Finding the one isn’t easy.

    This is another hard one. I feel so lucky I’ve found Derek while I’m still young so I can have more time with him. Some people aren’t as lucky, and for a while I thought I’d never find them.

  10. Online dating is weird and scary and I never want to have to do it again!

    I tried online dating before finding Derek! (It’s also how I found him!) It’s scary and can be filled with very, very weird people.

  11. You don’t have to know what your dream job is before you turn 20.

    I still am not completely sure what my dream job is, and that is OK! I’m applying for a Law degree, but I’m not 100% sure if I’d want to do down the lawyer route, or the business route, but that’s OK. No one knows what they want to be, apart from the luck people who do!

  12. Coming to terms with your appearance is hard, but worth it.

    For a long time, I hated my body. I hated every inch of myself. It was and still is hard to love myself. I have huge issues with body confidence and my overall shape, but learning to love myself has given me so many amazing opportunities, like being able to do my swimwear post!

  13. Being Unemployed can be very hard

    In January 2015 I was unemployed. I was on a scheme until around July, and got a job. However knowing you’re job isn’t 100% safe, and having to apply for so many positions, is so hard!

  14. You can be employed and still be broke

    I always have no money, but I work full time! It’s so hard for me to learn to save, but I’m getting there.

  15. Everything is easier when you can drive

    I love my little car (or as I call her, Celine) and having her makes everything so much easier! I’ve had her a year now and I love her!

  16. Sometimes all you need is a hug and a good cry

    I fully believe sometimes you can feel better after a good cry and a cuddle!

  17. Just because you can’t do everything perfectly, doesn’t mean you have no talents at all.

    I had a huge problem for a while were I thought I needed to be perfect at everything to prove I was good enough. Now I’ve learnt it just means that isn’t where your talents lie, you just need to look harder.

  18. A dog can be your best friend for life.

    In my life, I’ve had 4 different dogs. Sheba, Sky, Cozy and Skylar. All but one have helped me become a much better person. Currently we have Skylar and shes always there when you need her. Cozy was my childhood best Friend, and Sheba taught me about grief. Sky only stayed with us for a couple of weeks.

  19. Baking is a brilliant form of stress relief

    I love to bake (and eat my bakes!) I do it as stress relief and love it. I love mastering a new recipe and seeing people look excited about my food.

  20. Online friends can be the best friends

    I have a few online people I’d class as a best friend. I may have never met these people, but I love them as much as (if not more than!) people I’ve met in my day to day life.

  21. Take nothing for granted

    This one is deep. Regrets are something I don’t want. It’s why I’m applying for a law degree, and why I push myself to loose weight and reach my goals. I try to not take anything for granted, and live as much in the moment as I can, no matter how hard!

So there are 21 things I’ve learnt in my life.

Can you relate to any? Or what advice do you have for me for the next 21+ years?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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