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I’m back! Did you miss me?!

Hopefully its a resounding yes to that, just for my own ego!

Today I want to talk about my favourite quotes.  I love quotes, and I’m currently creating a quote wall / section in my bedroom for ongoing encouragement! I fully believe a good quote can improve your overall day.


I’ve decided to share my three favourite quotes that will be going up on my bedroom wall. I plan to have at least 10 throughout the room, but these are the three that mean the most to me.

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This is my favourite Harry Potter quote. I live by it, as it can really help during a down day. I grew up with the Harry Potter movies, and I use so many of their quotes in my day to day life.

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This is another quote I live by. I have a lot of dark days, I also have a lot of bright days. Quotes like this remind me it can’t be horrible all the time and things can only get better.

I’m an incredible optimist, which is such a weird thing to say! This helps me maintain that outlook, no matter what I’m put up against!

Image result for strength quotes

This is another quote I live by. I love ones that show you can grow from your flaws! It’s already on my wall!

What are some of your favourite quotes? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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