#GGBloggingChallenge – Day 6!

Todays topic is “20 Things I Love” which is amazing!

I love talking about the things I love. It’s the main reason I started blogging in the first place. So to have the chance to list 20 of my favourite things, well, I’m over-joyed!


1. My Family!

I couldn’t do a list on what I love without my family being number 1 on it! I love them more than words can say!

2. Derek

Another one I can’t leave out is my amazing boyfriend! I’d be fully lost without him!

3. Skylar!

I adore my dog! She’s my little fur-baby!

4. Teddy’s!

I can’t go a day without giving at least one of my multiple stuffed animals / teddies a cuddle!

5. Snow!

This one is self explanatory! I just love winter!

6. Christmas!

It’s my favourite time of year without a doubt.

7. The Blogging Community!

Without all of the lovely bloggers I know, I’d be lost! I have so much love and respect for them all!

8. Swimming

I love being in the water and just relaxing while I swim.

9. Social Media

I’m obsessed with social media and I can’t go a day without being on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

10. Food!

The picture is from the Cohannon Inn in Dungannon. I love all food, but this is a personal favourite!


I am obsessed with Tattoos. I have three so far and I am currently planning my fourth!

12. Halloween!

After Christmas, Halloween is my favourite Holiday! Within the last two years I’ve spent every one in Derry for their Halloween festival. I’ll be missing it this year, but I’ll still be in fancy dress!

13. Penguins!

Penguins are my all time favourite animals! I just adore them!

14. Pretty Stationary

I love cute notebooks, pens and pencils. I seem to collect them!

15. LUSH!

Who Doesn’t love LUSH? I’m obsessed with all of their amazing products!

16. Dresses!

I am obsessed with dresses. I wear one 5 days a week and I love it!

17. My Car!

My car is my independence. I relay on her so much now and I am so happy I have my little Clio!

18. Makeup
I think this is an obvious one, but I adore all makeup!

19. Books!

I spend half of my life with my nose in a book! I love books, and right now I’m obsessed with Young Adult Fiction books!

20. My Blog!

Blog HeaderI adore my little blog as its my own part of the internet!

What are some of the things you love?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Love, Bronagh

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