#GGBlogChallenge – Day 5!

I love swimming.

When I saw todays post was to be about an activity you love, I knew I’d be writing about swimming.

If you didn’t know of my love of swimming, I fully recommend you check out my swimwear post!

I go swimming at least once a week now with my lovely boyfriend, and I look forward to it every week!


I’ve been swimming since I was a small child, and loved it from day one.

I went to lessons as a child, and became extremely confident in the water. I also live near the sea, so every summer we had the chance to go to the sea, have a swim and enjoy a family day at the beach.

I still remember one time I was having so much fun in the sea, I was going blue and I still didn’t want to come out! I just loved the water so much!

Now I’m definitely no where near as good as some of those Olympic God’s and Goddesses we all got to see, but I still think I’m pretty decent. I’ve never timed a length or anything like that, but I know I can handle about 6 before I need a short break.

I’m working on being able to swim lengths for twenty full minutes before needing a break, and I’m up to five minutes right now, so not too far to go!

My love of swimming has even wore off on Derek! Before we met, he was afraid of water and couldn’t swim. Now he loves our little trips to the pool.

It’s also gave us a tonne of chances to get to see different areas, and try so many different pools! Our favourites right now are Dungannon Pool, Ballymoney Joey Dunlop Leisure Centre and Lisburn Leisure-Plex!

What’s your favourite activity? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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