#GGBlogChallenge – Day 4!

I’m properly exited to be blogging every day now.

It’s taking a lot to get used to, especially as my health has been horrible! But I’m pushing through so I can keep giving you guys new posts and so I can stick to this challenge!

Today’s post is all about my favourite recipe. I’m obsessed with food, so I’ve had to share my top 2, as one just isn’t enough!


I’m sure we’ve all gathered that I like cake. I love cake. Both of these are cake recipes, and one is kind of like my signature bake!


Ohh how I love a red velvet cake. I love how you can easily turn this into multiple cupcakes or muffins as well, meaning it lasts so much longer! Yay for more cake!

I use this recipe from the BBC’s Food website (I use this site for all my cooking if I’m honest!)

It always turns out so light and fluffy, and is a proper crowd-pleaser for when people come around. I’ve never had a bad review of this!

If you want a simpler version, Betty Crocker do a fab box mix, which is what ignited my love for this kind of cake.


Come on, we all saw this coming! If chocolate cake wasn’t in this, I’d be lying to the entire world right now!

Again this is a BBC Food Recipe. I live by these as a complete cooking guide!

This is another easy to make cake, and it always goes down well with guests! Especially if they adore chocolate! I’ve been known to add to this recipe by adding in chocolate chips into the batter for an extra chocolatey cake! Great if you have a sweet tooth!

Whats your favourite cake recipe? Or your favourite recipe in general?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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