#GGBlogChallenge – Day 1!

I love a good blogging challenge.

When I saw that Aimee from Everyday Aimee was creating one for The Girl Gang, I knew I’d have to join in.

Todays topic is “Introduce Yourself!” So lets get stuck in!


The full description of this prompt is to talk about where you are from and what you think of your home town.

I live along the North Coast of Ireland.

Near me, Game of Thrones is filmed! It’s done along our beach, which is pretty amazing. I’m also within driving distance of other filming locations, like the dark hedges. I keep meaning to do a day out or a road trip around them, but never get around to it!

The little town I live in is called Portstewart!

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It’s a beautiful little sea side town and during the summer months, its packed out with tourists and Holiday makers.

I’ve literally lived here my entire life, but I’m currently looking at houses in such a different area with Derek, and I’ve no idea how I’ll cope! I’d literally be moving from such a small, close town, to a much larger town!

One of my favourite memories, which I’ll always keep, is when I was little, I’d go to the beach with my mummy, granny, daddy, dog and brother, and it’d be an all round brilliant day! Then, of course, it’d be a chippy tea, or an ice-cream cone! (With chocolate sprinkles!)

What things do you love about your home town?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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