Tracy's Treats Portrush | Review

Tracy's Treats Portrush | Review

I love to eat. Especially when its really, really good food.

Where I live, its damn near impossible to walk 20 steps without walking past at least one place you can go eat. Plus with new places opening constantly, its a foodies delight!

I live in  sea side town, so its lots of little cafes, some chains, some independent, and a mixture of different restaurants.

Personally, I love going out and trying every last one of them, and now I’m going to be chatting about them here as well! Todays post is going to be all about a new one – Tracy’s Treats which has opened up in Portrush.

Tracys treats review.jpg

So firstly, Tracy’s Treats isn’t brand new, she has had a little company for a while, but her sit in cafe is extremely new!

I went to try it out about two, maybe three weeks ago, and I cannot fault the place. (I’m sure you’ll see why once you see the pictures!)

Its set up as an old style american dinner (Jukebox included!) Everything down to the napkin holders fits into the style and I adored it.


I ordered Loaded Fries. With this you had a choice of two toppings, the list included cheese, beans, bacon and other lovely things. I (obviously) choose cheese and beans, two long standing favourites.

Mum, as you can see, choose the sweet potato fries, and had cheese and bacon topping hers. We also got a portion of Onion rings to share.

I’m sure you’ve already noticed this, but the portions are huge! The food is also cooked fresh to order, which was amazing.

We also ordered drinks, and we both got a strawberry milkshake (pictured below!) And it was also to die for!


Look at it! Look at how amazingly its done!

Literally – Best milkshake I’ve ever had! No Joke!

The only negative? The food was so lovely, and the portion was so large, neither myself or my mother were fit to actually finish the food put down in front of us!

I don’t even think that’s a huge negative though.

Overall it also only came to £16.75 for everything as well, which I personally think is brilliant value for money based on portion sizes alone!

I can’t wait to head back as soon as possible! (This time with Derek in tow!)

What places do you love to eat in, in your local area? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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