Jojoba Oil – Worth the Hype?*

Jojoba Oil – Worth the Hype?*

I’ve never used an oil for my face before.

I’ve used them in my hair and on different skin areas, but never my face. (Aside from coconut oil, cause lets face it, its amazing) I don’t know why, I’ve just never used any as part of a regular beauty routine.

Then I got in contact with an amazing company called Eden’s Semilla who sent my their Jojoba Oil in return for my honest review. So here it is!

Jojoba Oil 1

I’ve tried this on my face mostly, but I did rope my mum into trying it on her eczema, to see how it goes for her too.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I swim regularly, so my skin has been horrid due to chlorine! Once I got this it was pop’d into my swim bag ready to come with me to the pool.

I’m terrible at skin care routines, so I’ve used this every night for two weeks. I’ve now knocked it down to once a week, purely so I can try other products, and use this as more of a “treat” product.

When you use this, it recommends one syringe of oil, I used two as I feel one just isn’t enough. This was enough to cover my face and parts of my neck.

Jojoba Oil 3

Every-time I used this, my skin was left extremely soft and it felt so deeply moisturised! I love it!

The oil smells like vix, the stuff you put on your chest when your nose is stuffy, only a lot less extreme. I can’t think of any way of describe it. I like the scent though, and it calms a lot after a few seconds.

Overall I’ve really fallen in love with this product! Next up, I’m going to be trying this in my hair and when I do, I’ll be updating you guys to let you know how it works out for me!

Have any of you guys tried any oils on your skin? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Like the sound of this amazing product? Then check it out on Amazon here!

Love, Bronagh

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