Summer Swim-Wear | OOTD

Summer Swim-Wear | OOTD

I love swimming. I don’t know how well known this is among people who read my blog, but its one of my passions, and I’d love to be able to do this all the time.

I’m forever looking for beautiful swimsuits to wear when I go to the pool and ones that make me feel extremely confident when I’m there.
Recently, Derek and I have been making it a thing to go swimming at least once a week and its amazing. So I thought I’d show you guys my three favourite swim suits!

Summer Swimwear OOTD.jpg

Lets begin shall we?

Black and White Poka-Dot

This little beauty is an older one from Asda. By Older I mean its over a year old and I’m nearly 100% this isn’t available any longer! I have this in a UK size 20 and it still has a good bit of wiggle room (which is good as I’m actually a 22 in huge amounts of denial!)

The only Con for this is, if your more larger chested, you will fall out of it when swimming!

Blue Stripes

This is also on the older side, however its only about 6 months(??) old. It came from Avon, and again is a UK size 20. This is much more “tight” (read: Uncomfortable) and the tie at the back actually hurts your neck! However I still wear it when swimming! You can also fall out of this, but its less likely than the above suit.

Leopard Print

This is my favourite one! If you didn’t guess from my bed sheets, I’m obsessed with animal prints, and I love this suit. Its extremely comfortable, its also from Avon, but is a UK size 22. The front is also styled to look like a wrap over, which is amazing and hides your tummy! It goes down at the back too, which I adore, as you can actually see my tattoo!

So there you have my three favourite swim suits. All pictures are done by my lovely (read: tortured) boyfriend Derek! (The link is to his Instagram, in case you want to check him out!)

Do you have a favourite swim suit? Why is it your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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