21st Birthday Wishlist!

21st Birthday Wishlist!

It’s nearly birthday time again! I love birthdays, whether they’re my own, or someone else.

I’ve already been asked what I want, so I’ve decided to put everything into a wishlist post, to make it all easier!  My birthdays the 23rd September as well, in case you wanted to know! 😉

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lips

NYX Liquid Suede

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These products are just amazing! I love NYX and I really want to get my hands on these. Favourite shades right now are Kitten heels and Tea&Cookies.

Scholl Velvet Smooth


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I’ve wanted one of these for ages! It’d just make paper days to much better!

FitBit Charge

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I’ve wanted one of these for ages! However if you know of a waterproof version, let me know! Mostly as 70% of my activity is swimming based!

Gel Nail Lamp

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I know this one is the biggest ask (mostly cause it costs £50!) But I’d love to be able to do gel nails at home and in the long run save so much money!

YOURS Black&White Stripe Pinafore Dress

Black & White Stripe Pinafore Style Swing Dress

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I need new clothes and this would be perfect for work! Plus its just all around beautiful!

Nickelback T-Shirt

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This may seem strange, but I’m off to see them in October, and have literally nothing suitable to wear! I’m Hopeful someone will buy me one beforehand!

Gel Nails Starter Kit

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This is the perfect partner for the nail lamp. It does come to another hefty price though! But it still works out cheaper than buying each item separately.

So there you have my wishlist for my 21st Birthday!

When’s your birthday? Do you have anything in mind for what you want for it?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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