Mental Health Update – Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

This mental health post comes with a pretty big trigger warning.

I feel like that is the best way to open up this post, as I will be talking about, not just mental health, but suicidal thoughts. This is something that can be pretty harmful to some people and I completely understand people not wanting to read it.

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Bedtime Bliss Eye Mask | Review

Who else loves a bit of blissful sleep?

I know I do! That’s why when I was approached by the people at Bedtime bliss, I couldn’t say no to this! Today I want to talk about their eye mask*.

I used to work nights, and now I’m working day shifts, but my sleep hasn’t been right since. I’d find myself unable to sleep until it’s very late and then waking early or at the first sight of light. I had the same issues when I was younger, where I couldn’t sleep if there was any light. But I weirdly never thought of trying an eye mask.

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Fudge Violet Shampoo Review

Being Blonde is very hard work!

And according to so many beauty experts, Fudge Violet Shampoo makes it easier.

Right after bleaching my hair, I bought this as I needed something to remove yellow. I’m going to be super honest now, my hair was VERY yellow with orange patches. It’s not a good look!

All I wanted was something that worked, and with its amazing ratings, I knew I had to give it a go.

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Life Update | October 2018

It’s update time!

I have the worst writer’s block, so I feel this update will be a good way to try and get my creative thoughts going again.

I’ve decided to make this a fitness and mental health update, that way I’m not boring anyone with two separate ones. I’ll keep the two topics separate though, so just scroll for your preferred topic!

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Turning 23 | Things I’ve learnt

It’s my birthday in 2 days!

So I felt this would be a good post to do, just talking about the things I’ve learnt now that I’m turning 23.

I’ve seen other bloggers do posts like this, and always thought I’d love to do one myself. Now it’s almost my birthday, I felt it was the perfect time to do a post like this.

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