April Advertisers

It’s that time of the month again!

Time to talk about April’s Advertisers! I love doing these posts as I love being able to talk about other amazing bloggers and YouTubers. This month is no exception either! I’m talking about two amazing people who I can’t wait to work with this month. So let’s get talking about my April Advertisers;

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Current Weight Loss Update

I promised a while back I’d be more open about my weight loss efforts. So here’s a handy little post on my current eating plan and goals.

I want to be as open as possible about my weight loss. I know for so many people it can be extremely difficult, or because they aren’t working towards something (wedding, baby, holiday) they struggle to stick to it.

So today I’m going to write what may be a longer post, but I’m hoping it may be helpful to at least one other person.

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Here’s a secret for you, I like cards more than presents!

I once sent Derek to get a card, after he forgot to get one, on our anniversary. I hoard cards and still have all of the ones I’ve gotten for birthdays and Christmas.

I’ve even got a space (wall) in my flat which I use for putting up cards. Right now it has our anniversary cards, my birthday cards, and our new home cards. I’ll be doing a separate one for Christmas cards near the tree though!

So why am I talking to you about cards? Because todays post is all about Christmas Cards! Today I’ going to be talking about some gorgeous cards from Artfull Puffin*.

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It has been a good while since I last done a tag post.

I really enjoy just getting to answer a lot of different questions, with the end goal being, getting to know me a lot better. Plus it’s something completely different, especially since I still have to take photos for a few review posts, before they can go live.

So after looking on Google for one I believed would be interesting, I came across this one. It’s based on things people don’t tend to ask, so I thought it would make good reading for a Saturday.

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This will be the first of many posts like this.

I’m still deciding if I want to make these bi-weekly or monthly posts (I think I may settle on monthly), but they will become much more often! This post is very anti-climatic, but it’s still important that I make the effort to post about this, even if I’ve not made any changes that particular month.

I started being more accountable for my weight-loss in this post. I feel like if I make the choice to talk about something like this here, at least I’ll have all of you guys reminding me to post about it, or even pushing me forward with it.

In this post, I want to touch more on the goals I have for my journey.

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