Current Weight Loss Update

I promised a while back I’d be more open about my weight loss efforts. So here’s a handy little post on my current eating plan and goals.

I want to be as open as possible about my weight loss. I know for so many people it can be extremely difficult, or because they aren’t working towards something (wedding, baby, holiday) they struggle to stick to it.

So today I’m going to write what may be a longer post, but I’m hoping it may be helpful to at least one other person.

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Ah, October! Needless to say, we are now into my favourite months of the year!

We’re finally into proper sweater weather! I’ll be busting out the knitwear big style now! Plus it will soon be time to carve pumpkins! YAY!

Today I’m going to be talking about my goals for October, and what I want to achieve this month, with my little blog. I know I disappeared badly in September, but I’m making the excuse that I started University and it was my 22nd Birthday!

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I adore quotes.

To me, they are the best way to describe anything. They also motivate me so much, and some inspire me to really work towards my goals.

I use these daily to make sure I’m still working towards being the best I can be!

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Its a new year! Woo!

I love New Years! It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start, so right now I’m working on a blog re-vamp, a new schedule and a load of new goals!

I always feel so much more empowered to improve on everything. So I’ve even signed up for a plan which I will likely regret within about 2 weeks!

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