It’s my first Gift-Guide of 2017!

This year, I want to do something different with my gift guides. I know the majority of gift guides feature different items from HUGE brands, HUGE stores, or are items that are insanely well known.

I want to create a 5 item guide, featuring Etsy picks, MLM products, or people who work out of rooms in their own homes. As an MLM seller myself, I feel it’s so important to get all kinds of small businesses out there, and how could be better than a blog post?!

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Here’s a secret for you, I like cards more than presents!

I once sent Derek to get a card, after he forgot to get one, on our anniversary. I hoard cards and still have all of the ones I’ve gotten for birthdays and Christmas.

I’ve even got a space (wall) in my flat which I use for putting up cards. Right now it has our anniversary cards, my birthday cards, and our new home cards. I’ll be doing a separate one for Christmas cards near the tree though!

So why am I talking to you about cards? Because todays post is all about Christmas Cards! Today I’ going to be talking about some gorgeous cards from Artfull Puffin*.

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