Everyone has that one song they can listen to any time of year.

Or even a band which they could listen to all day, every day (For me it’s All Time Low).  I still remember how excited I was when I got gig tickets for them back in 2012, and I knew that in two short months I’d get to see them live for the first time. It’s a memory I truly cherish.

To me, being able to pass on that feeling to other people is exactly what Christmas is all about. So there is no better time to talk about the site GetToTheFront!*

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Not going to lie, this covers my favourite person to buy for.

I also know, this can also be the hardest person to buy for, especially if the person in question is extremely picky! But, I find it the most fun, as you get to play more with personalised gifts, which are all the more adorable!

Unlike my last gift guide, I will be including more “large company” items, because although I’ve mainly bought from smaller companies for my boyfriend, I have gotten at least two items from major companies.

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It’s my first Gift-Guide of 2017!

This year, I want to do something different with my gift guides. I know the majority of gift guides feature different items from HUGE brands, HUGE stores, or are items that are insanely well known.

I want to create a 5 item guide, featuring Etsy picks, MLM products, or people who work out of rooms in their own homes. As an MLM seller myself, I feel it’s so important to get all kinds of small businesses out there, and how could be better than a blog post?!

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Here’s a secret for you, I like cards more than presents!

I once sent Derek to get a card, after he forgot to get one, on our anniversary. I hoard cards and still have all of the ones I’ve gotten for birthdays and Christmas.

I’ve even got a space (wall) in my flat which I use for putting up cards. Right now it has our anniversary cards, my birthday cards, and our new home cards. I’ll be doing a separate one for Christmas cards near the tree though!

So why am I talking to you about cards? Because todays post is all about Christmas Cards! Today I’ going to be talking about some gorgeous cards from Artfull Puffin*.

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Have I mentioned my obsession with Yours?

It’s my favourite store, and I own so much from there! I’m not joking when I say over 80% of my wardrobe is from there!

Coming up to Christmas, it’s the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe. Plus, it’s the best time to drop hints if you need some new clothes! If like me, you’re on a budget this really is the perfect time to be dropping hints about any new items you want.

Personally, this is my way of dropping subtle hints, plus, it may leave you some ideas yourself!

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