I’ve missed doing food reviews! I feel this is an obvious statement, but I love food!

The only thing I love more than eating food; is getting to review somewhere that does amazing food! Before I go any further though, I would like to add I’m not being sponsored and I wasn’t even asked to do this review, I just loved the food so wanted to talk about it.

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Ah, October! Needless to say, we are now into my favourite months of the year!

We’re finally into proper sweater weather! I’ll be busting out the knitwear big style now! Plus it will soon be time to carve pumpkins! YAY!

Today I’m going to be talking about my goals for October, and what I want to achieve this month, with my little blog. I know I disappeared badly in September, but I’m making the excuse that I started University and it was my 22nd Birthday!

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I’ve been so excited to write this post! I have been excited since the day this product arrived at my flat.

As you all know, or may not, I am a Younique Presenter. Recently, we released a lot of new products, one of these is the EPIC mascara. This, unlike the 3D Mascara, is a 1 step mascara (or normal mascara to most people). I am in love with this product! And now I will be attempting to let you know, why I love this so much.

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This time of year for me means one thing – MOT time!

My little Clio has her MOT every September, so when I was approached to do a post on ways to care for your car, I knew it was perfect timing. My own car is an older Renault Clio, and I rely on using these methods to keep her looking and feeling her best, always.

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It has been a good while since I last done a tag post.

I really enjoy just getting to answer a lot of different questions, with the end goal being, getting to know me a lot better. Plus it’s something completely different, especially since I still have to take photos for a few review posts, before they can go live.

So after looking on Google for one I believed would be interesting, I came across this one. It’s based on things people don’t tend to ask, so I thought it would make good reading for a Saturday.

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