This was one of the original Blogmas ideas for me.

Depending on what kind of person you are; Christmas shopping can be amazing, or a horror show!

For me, this truly depends on where I’m doing the shopping! If it’s in a small town, its not so bad. However if I go to Belfast, its hell, a complete living hell!

So hopefully this little list will help you with your shopping!

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It’s nearly Christmas time!

I adore Christmas! It’s my favourite time of year. I just adore the holiday and how much family time you get.

So to celebrate my love of this, this year I am doing blogmas! I’ve wanted to do this since last year, so I’m properly exited!

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I love to plan!

I may not always stick to my plans 100%, but I still love to try.

Since joining Younique, I’ve been really encouraged by all of our elite presenters to give Vision Boards a go. We get to see so many posts of those people who in-visioned achieving things, and then go onto achieving those goals.

I’ve created one which is a mixture of Younique goals, and general life goals!

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Well I’ve been away for a while again!

I seem to be making a habit of forgetting to update here! I hate not staying up to date with here, but after having two weeks off work, I kind of forgot to.

So today we’re doing a life update! I love these kinds of posts, as they let me ramble on and on without needing to explain why I am rambling on and on.

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