Its a new year! Woo!

I love New Years! It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start, so right now I’m working on a blog re-vamp, a new schedule and a load of new goals!

I always feel so much more empowered to improve on everything. So I’ve even signed up for a plan which I will likely regret within about 2 weeks!

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Well I disappeared again!

I need to stop doing this! I’ve already made a start on January posts to try and avoid this happening again!

So to make up for it, I have got another Pre-Christmas post coming up on Saturday, I just need to do the post photos and it will be up!

So here’s a little update, so that I’ve at least made the attempt at Blogmas!

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

So I’m currently sitting on my boyfriends bed, he’s playing Call of Duty, I’m blogging, and I couldn’t think what to write today. Then I google blogger tags. When in doubt, I always look at tags!

Then I saw the “20 Things About Me” Tag pop up. I’ve done this before on my last blog, but then I thought, I can totally turn this on it’s head and make it more Christmas-sy and use in for Blogmas.

So here is a mutant tag – “20 Christmassy Things About Me”

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This was one of the original Blogmas ideas for me.

Depending on what kind of person you are; Christmas shopping can be amazing, or a horror show!

For me, this truly depends on where I’m doing the shopping! If it’s in a small town, its not so bad. However if I go to Belfast, its hell, a complete living hell!

So hopefully this little list will help you with your shopping!

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