Time for Some (small) changes!

And really I mean relativity small!

You’ve probably noticed, I’ve been away for about two weeks. This was a mixture of me not having posts prepared and it being my exams week.

This meant I had no time to put into this, but now that its just back to classes again, I have time! Yay!

So I thought this was the perfect time to introduce a couple of things.

So lets begin!

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I love doing my nails!

This is also linked to my work’s do post, as its the nails I had for it. I adore finding the time to do my nails and making them look amazing.

I think most of us have the same issues when it comes to winter. Dry hair, dry skin and horrid nails! Due to this I felt my best option was to buy a set of false or “fake” nails.

I picked up this pair in Superdrug.  I can’t find them on their site, but I have found a close match on ASOS!

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My First ever Face of the Day post!

So this look is slightly back dated, but I love it so I want to talk you guys through it and let you know what makeup I’m wearing!

So my work’s Christmas do was in December (obvs!) and we went out to a local restaurant. So I wanted something long wearing and that wouldn’t fade while eating and drinking.

I also wanted something that worked well with my outfit (which I obviously didn’t photograph as I’m a horrible blogger!), which meant I needed something with my signature red lips!

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Who doesn’t love mascara?

I adore mascara! As you know, I sell Younique and it’s actually the best mascara I’ve tried. So since there was a new formula launched, I thought I’d do you guys a little post.

So I’m nearly sure everyone has heard about Younique by now. If not, we’re a pretty huge company, but we started with just this mascara. Obviously a different formula, as this is the third formula. And from there, the company has boomed!

It’s all social media based, and there is 500K presenters worldwide, which I think is amazing.

So today I want to talk about the rebooted Lashes. So lets begin!

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Its a new year! Woo!

I love New Years! It’s the perfect time to make a fresh start, so right now I’m working on a blog re-vamp, a new schedule and a load of new goals!

I always feel so much more empowered to improve on everything. So I’ve even signed up for a plan which I will likely regret within about 2 weeks!

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