I turn 21 on Friday!

I’m majorly excited, so I thought I’d do this tag post to tide me over until then! I’ll also be posting “21 Things I’ve learnt in 21 Years” on Friday, but for now, lets do a tag!

As you know, I love tag posts. They are the best thing to go to when you have bloggers block, or when you fancy changing it up a bit.

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I’m back! Did you miss me?!

Hopefully its a resounding yes to that, just for my own ego!

Today I want to talk about my favourite quotes.  I love quotes, and I’m currently creating a quote wall / section in my bedroom for ongoing encouragement! I fully believe a good quote can improve your overall day.

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Todays topic is “20 Things I Love” which is amazing!

I love talking about the things I love. It’s the main reason I started blogging in the first place. So to have the chance to list 20 of my favourite things, well, I’m over-joyed!

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I love swimming.

When I saw todays post was to be about an activity you love, I knew I’d be writing about swimming.

If you didn’t know of my love of swimming, I fully recommend you check out my swimwear post!

I go swimming at least once a week now with my lovely boyfriend, and I look forward to it every week!

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I’m properly exited to be blogging every day now.

It’s taking a lot to get used to, especially as my health has been horrible! But I’m pushing through so I can keep giving you guys new posts and so I can stick to this challenge!

Today’s post is all about my favourite recipe. I’m obsessed with food, so I’ve had to share my top 2, as one just isn’t enough!

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