I’m now going to be offering 2 advertising packages from January 2018!

There will be 2 spots in one and 3 in the other.

The first one will be called the Brownie Package and the second called the Fudge Package (after each of my guinea pigs!) So whats in each package?

Brownie Package


Two Available Monthly | Cost – £1 | Includes


  • Singular #FF every week
  • x2 blog post Retweets a week
  • x2 Facebook shares per week
  • x2 Pinterest repins per week on my advertiser’s board
  • x2 Instagram shares per month
  • A Paragraph in my advertiser’s blog post as well as two post links
  • Unlimited Links to any relevant posts within my posts that month (i.e. similar product reviews)
  • Button in my sidebar

Fudge Package


3 Available Monthly | Cost – FREE | Includes


  • Group #FF every week
  • x1 blog post Retweets a week
  • x1 Facebook shares per week
  • x1 Pinterest repins per week on my advertiser’s board
  • x1 Instagram shares per month
  • Small paragraph and blog post link in Advertisers post
  • Button in my sidebar


If you’d like one of either package, either drop me a comment below or email me at!