About Me


I’m Bronagh, a 22-year-old living in a small village in Northern Ireland.

I live with my amazing boyfriend and our two guinea pigs – Fudge and Brownie!


As well as my blog, I also work in Retail, and as an Ambassador for Darceys Candles & on my YouTube Channel! I

In my spare time, I LOVE writing and reading. My goal is to someday be a published author!

I try to post on here three days a week and on YouTube twice a week! Sometimes this doesn’t happen, but I’m working on being more regular!

If I have a post up, which I’ve either been paid for, or I’ve received for free, I’ll mark the product or brand with a * and provide a disclaimer. All these reviews are still 100% honest, the only difference is, I haven’t paid for the product!

Thank you so much for visiting my space on the internet, and I hope you enjoy it!

Also if you need to contact me, check out my Contact Page!

Love, Bronagh

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