Uber Sonic Toothbrush | Review

Uber Sonic Toothbrush | Review

For me, my teeth are my best feature.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve done everything I can to keep my teeth in tip-top shape! Even to this day, I’ve only gotten two cavities, and the worst thing I’ve ever needed to be done was braces. So when I was offered the chance to review this product, I jumped at the chance.

Today I’m going to be talking about the Uber Sonic Toothbrush*. It’s the worlds first Aluminium toothbrush and it’s insanely affordable.


So to start, here are a few facts on the Uber Sonic Toothbrush;

-Winner of Red Dot Design Awards 2016.
-Winner of the German Design Award 2018.
-The toothbrush has Sonic movement.
-It is German engineered and developed with dentists.

UberSonic Toothbrush 6

It’s also lightweight, and easy to work with. I personally love how easy it was compared to my normal brush, to reach my wisdom teeth. Short story – I have issues with my lower right wisdom tooth, and it causes me a lot of pain. However, since I’m now using this brush, I’m getting less pain as I’m able to give it a much better clean!

Alongside the toothbrush, I also received a whitening kit. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been keen on the idea of whitening my teeth. I have sensitive teeth (like milkshakes cause pain sensitive) and I like them how they are and I have the worst fear that I’d make them a lot worse.

But, I wanted to be able to review everything so now we’re going to talk whitening, but before I do, a little disclaimer: Whitening teeth can really cause damage if not done correctly. It is also not advised if you have an open cavity or damage to your teeth. I am not promoting it in any way.

Whitening Kit

So this kit is a bleach whitening kit. It contains a syringe with the whitening product, instructions on how to whiten your teeth, and aftercare and two mouth trays.

Before whitening, it advises you shape them first, by first putting them into boiling water, then your mouth while pressing it in to help it gain shape, then into cold water to set, and repeat for the second tray. They can also be trimmed if you need to. It also advises to use a high fluoride toothpaste before and after to keep your teeth healthy. Personally, I used (and still use) a sensitive toothpaste, which works really well for me.

So once you’re ready to go, you brush your teeth and then add 1ml of the solution to each tray, and ensure the solution is evenly distributed. After this, place in the trays, and then leave them for 30-60 minutes. It also recommends leaving them in for just 30 minutes the first time and increase time slowly.

So here are my before and after photos;

UberSonic Toothbrush 5

Personally, I feel they look very similar, but then again, I already have very white teeth, I’m planning to ask my partner to give it a go, as his teeth aren’t as white (and I’ll add an update on Facebook with his results)

Overall I love this toothbrush, it’s already helping me reach my wisdom teeth better and I can feel a difference in my teeth. Personally, I feel the whitening isn’t for me, but I know I felt something while the solution was on my teeth.

You can follow Uber Sonic on Instagram or Twitter or check out their website!

What’s your favourite tooth product? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh


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