Pool Side Reading List

Pool Side Reading List

One of my favourite things to do when on holiday is read by the pool.

Really, one of my favourite things to do it read, but add in a nice day, by a pool, with as much Fanta lemon as you can drink, and its the perfect day.

Sadly it looks like I’m not going anywhere this year, so I’m doing a collection of books which make the perfect collection to read by the pool. I can’t promise it will be filled with recent releases, but I can promise amazing reads, that I’m either in love with or desperate to finally read.

Poolside reading list

Whistle In The Dark | Emma Healey

I got this book over the weekend, and the blurb alone makes it sound amazing! It features a mother and daughter after the daughter comes back after being missing for four days. It’s also the second book by this author.

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Dark Secrets – Legacy of lies & Don’t Tell | Elizabeth Chandler

I recently reviewed this book, and I loved it. It would be the perfect read for next to the pool as it keeps you guessing until the end (and I’m still reeling over the ending of one of them as I just didn’t see it coming!) If you love something that keeps you guessing, it’s perfect.

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Girl Online | Zoe Sugg

This is such a nice novel, and the sequel is just as good. It’s such a nice read that it’s perfect for a day spent relaxing by the pool. I find it’s really good to read after a difficult book, a bit like a palet cleanser (which sounds really weird)

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I Hate My Selfie | Shane Dawson

I read this book ages ago, but its essential for any kind of travelling. It literally has you in tears one moment, then laughing til you need to pee the next. It’s one of the only books that actually made me feel all the emotions. It’s also pretty light, so won’t affect suitcase weight!

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A World Without You | Beth Revis

This has been on my to-read list for ages on Goodreads. It features a teenager who believes he can time travel. I’m going to be purchasing it on my kindle so on my next road trip I can read away! Plus it has a really good rating on GoodReads (3.72) which can only mean it’s a good read!

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What books will you be bringing with you on holiday this year? Or what’s your go-to summer book?

Let me know in the comments below!

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