Summer 2018 To-Do List

Summer 2018 To-Do List

I’m a pretty big fan of lists, especially to-do lists.

I wrote a Summer Bucket list last year, but honestly, I never got to do the majority of the list. So this year, I’m writing a to-do list, as for me, it makes me a lot more likely to complete it.

Now Derek and I live in a bungalow, and not a flat, it means I have so many more options. I still want to keep this list short though, mostly because we both work full time, so an extra long list will be nearly impossible to complete. So to ensure my ability to complete it, I’ve limited it to 6 items.

Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

Summer to do list

1. Have a Proper Barbeque

I love a good barbeque. It’s almost like the perfect way to end a day in the sun. Plus it can be used to invite people over and it makes cooking for a group so much easier! Especially since Derek has a larger family, it means both mine and his parents could come over and we could actually cater to them all!

2. Spend a day away over the border

I love having such a beautiful place so close to me. I want to get away for some amount of time, and a day (or weekend) away over the border would be perfect. (Derek, if you read this, Galway or Limerick please!)

3. Change my hair colour

Not exactly a “summer” thing. But I’ve wanted to change my hair colour for a while, so I plan to use the season change as an excuse. I’m thinking highlights first, then hopefully, fully blonde again.

4. Make a start on my garden

Since we moved, I’ve wanted to start gardening and making the garden look beautiful. I’m planning to have a selection of flowers and maybe even a few fruitĀ plants. Just need to make a trip to Homebase first.

5. Have a picnic

Like a barbeque, picnic’s are things I associate with the warmer weather. It’s also something I’ve never been able to do with Derek, so it’s on the list. Plus it’d make for super cute Instagram photos!

6. Focus on my mental health

This one is the most important things on the list. After the way I started the year, I’m now focusing on avoiding it happening again. So if some days that means a duvet day, or others it means a walk, I’m doing it.


What’s on your to-do list this summer? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Bronagh

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