Life Update | June 2018

Life Update | June 2018

I quite enjoy writing life updates

It sounds weird, but I like knowing I can talk to people and tell them about my life, and sometimes, I’ll even get advice, which is amazing. It’s one of my favourite things about blogging, and it’s something I like doing on a regular basis.

If you fancy backtracking, my last update is here and it mostly talks about mental health, which took a bad turn at the start of the year and towards the end of last year. Today should be a much lighter subject and I’ve been super excited to share it!

Life Update 201806

So I’ve gotten myself a new job!

I recently left my job in the large chain UK supermarket (which I’m not meant to name, but if that doesn’t give it away alongside knowing which town I’m in, nothing will) and now I’m going to be working for a Home Care company (which again, I can’t name for confidentiality reasons)

Little known fact, when I first did my access course three years ago (man that makes me feel old) I wanted to do a degree in Mental Health Nursing when I finished. I don’t know why I changed my mind and went for Law (which I subsequently dropped out of in January this year) but it’s something I keep thinking about. So now I’m seeing my suitability¬†for that kind of career.

I wanted to do nursing for a while, so this feels like a good way to test the water. However, if I then decided that I wanted to do nursing, I’d have to redo my access course, as mine isn’t compatible with a science-based degree. So I’ve given myself the task of doing this for a year before applying for access again, which means I’ll know if I’m going to be prepared for that step.

Overall, I’m finally beginning to pursue a life dream for me. Plus I’m going back to something I remember being so keen to do.

So now I’m going to stop babbling and end on a positive. Now I’m pursuing a career in a sector I find very interesting.

What big changes are happening in your life? Are you making any positive changes?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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