Book Review | Dark Secrets – Legacy of Lies & Don’t Tell

Book Review | Dark Secrets – Legacy of Lies & Don’t Tell

I’ve been spending a lot of my time with my nose in a book recently.

And in case you didn’t know, one of my favourite authors is Elizabeth Chandler. I recently learnt she had a lot more books than I first thought, and I’ve been reading them non stop! (Thanks Kindle!) They’re from a series called Dark Secrets and there are 5 stories within the series.

One of those books is Legacy of Lies and Don’t tell. It’s two books in one (my favourite kind) and they are both set in the same town but are two completely different stories.

Dark Secrets Legacy of Lies and Dont tell

So I’m going to split my review into two parts, one for Legacy of Lies and one for Don’t Tell.

Legacy of Lies

This is the first Dark Secrets book. It sets the scene as Megan going to visit her grandmother. She was adopted by her parents, so her grandmother isn’t as warm as she should be. When she arrives, she also meets her cousin Matt, who lives with their grandmother. She then begins to learn more and more about her families history and it’s dark secrets.

This story starts as it means to go on, it’s exciting and gives you chills as you read through it. I can also promise you shouldn’t see the ending coming.

Favourite Character – Matt (Read it and you’ll come to understand why)

Rating – 5/5 | Goodreads Link

Don’t Tell

This story starts back when the main character (Lauren) was just a child, at her aunts home near the water. Also based in Wisteria like all (I’m assuming) of the Dark Secrets stories. It follows her coming back to see if she can find out more about the mystery of her mothers drowning.

It has twists and turns, and an ending you will not expect.

Favourite Character – Lauren. She shows extreme strenght and she always continues trying to find out who is behind everything.

Rating – 4 / 5 stars | Goodreads Link

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