Spring Time Treats

Spring Time Treats

Spring is finally here!

Or at least that’s what my calendar has been telling me! Today I’m going to be talking about what you need to treat yourself to this Spring, and why you need them. I love spending my days off, relaxing and pampering myself and just having a self-care based day. I also have a serious addition to treating myself (Just ask my tortured boyfriend!) It will also include a luxury item which will be the perfect way to brighten your day and add some luxury to your everyday.

Spring Time Teats

Luxury Perfumes

These Luxury Perfumes, for him or her, are the perfect treat that also adds a gorgeous scent into the air. These have been created by Clive Anderson and are part of his new collection. The collection contains 10 different perfumes, all symbolising different extraordinary events within life. My personal favourite is C Green Floral which has top notes of Apple and pear.

The Perfect Bath Bomb

There’s no surprise a LUSH product ended up in this post. I LOVE Lush and the Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb is perfect for a relaxing Spring bath! This one has reminded me of cola bottle sweets (YUM!) and turns your bath water a gorgeous purple shade. It’s exclusive to their online store and you can find it here.

Sweet Scented Candles

Spring Darceys Candles

I’ve never had a bath without a scented candle in the same room.  If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know I’m currently crazy about Darceys Candles. They’re a company based in Scotland, which handmakes all of their candles (and all of their other products!) in their factory. For the perfect relaxing bath, I fully recommend either a large Relaxation candle or if you prefer a sweeter scent, Monkey Farts is perfect! You can get their products from their website, or from a Darcey’s Rep (Like me!)

So there is the list of my favourite ways to treat my self! I’d also add a bar of white chocolate and sweet chilli crisps. (Literally how I’m spending my time right now!)

What was your favourite product? Let me know in the comments!

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