The Body Shop Banana Range| Review

The Body Shop Banana Range| Review

Have you heard of The Body Shop’s Banana range?

I am obsessed with products that smell like sweets or fruits, so the Banana range sounded perfect for me! So the first thing I did, was to get in contact with my favourite Body Shop at home ambassador, Hayley! I 100% recommend her for all Body Shop purchases!

Then once they arrived, it was time to try out my new products!

TBS Banana Range Review

I’m going to split this post into two sections – shampoo and mask. I was unable to get the conditioner as it was out of stock whenever I was ordering.

But before I talk about each product individually, I have to say the smell of these products is UNREAL! I adore the smell of banana, but this is even better. It isn’t overpowering and doesn’t have that intense banana smell, it’s much more subdued and subtle, while still packing a scent punch!

TBSAH Banana Range


For me, there are, two things a shampoo needs to do – smell great and leave my hair feeling clean. This shampoo does both and beyond!

It lathers really well, and I found a little goes a long way. I have medium length, fine hair and I’ve been using this for over a month now. I’ve still got over half a bottle left! I’m also pretty sure my partners been borrowing it, so this is really good!

Once you begin lathering it on your hair, you get that amazing smell right away. It has hints of what I can only describe as a nutty banana! So it’s perfect for banana lovers and banana haters alike! It also rinses really well, and I never feel like the product is left in my hair.


Hair masks are my favourite thing. I use them religiously because I colour my hair and I use heat treatments. It would also be classed as damaged hair. However, since using this product, I can say the damage within my hair has significantly decreased!

It has left my hair feeling so much softer and much easier to brush and style. This is a huge thing for me as my hair is very prone to knots and tangles due to it being fine. I also think it may be getting thicker! I’ll keep an eye on it, and if I’m right, I’ll come back and add that to this review.

The mask has the same scent as the shampoo, and you also don’t need a lot of it to get results. I use more of this than I would shampoo, but also still have half a pot of this left, and that’s with regular use!

I adore both of these products so much! Also, I can’t wait to get my hands on the conditioner to give it a go and to review it on here for you guys as well!

If you want to purchase this, or any other gorgeous Body Shop products, check out Hayley’s Beauty Hub on Facebook!

Have you tried any of the banana products? Or have you tried any of the Body shop range? Let me know in the comments below!

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