Urban Decay All-Nighter Foundation | Review

Urban Decay All-Nighter Foundation | Review

Who doesn’t love a good foundation? Personally, it’s one of the first items I add to my make-up bag.

I’d always wanted to try an Urban Decay foundation, and after searching through reviews for what felt like forever, I decided to get the all-nighter¬†foundation. I have a love of full coverage, or high coverage, products so it felt like the perfect match.

I ordered it online, so my main fear was the shade match not being right. I personally purchased the shade 0.5. I went for this as I have very pale skin, with slightly pink undertones and I tend to be the lightest shade in everything. I also used this website to try and get a match using brands I knew.

Foundation-UD-AllNighter-RFeviewSo I used this foundation during a day out, and then date night. So I’ll be separating this review into two parts.

Day Out

First I want to talk about the application. I use a stippling brush to apply my foundation. In this case, it was the real techniques brush, which is my favourite brush. I added two pumps of foundation to the brush, and this was enough for my full face, and parts of my neck. I also took these photo’s to show the overall effect of the foundation.


Then I finished the rest of my face to create this look.

So during the day, we were out shopping in Belfast. This meant lots of walking around and lots of general activities. During this the foundation lasted very well. It was a wet and drizzly day as well. I was very pleased with the fact it didn’t wash off during the rain!

Date Night

For me, eating and makeup tends to not bode too well. We ate at our favourite¬†restaurant, and I have to say, the foundation did not let me down! It lasted throughout the meal (as did my lips! But that could be a different post!). It also didn’t come off whenever I wiped my mouth! (SCORE!)

Overall, I adore this foundation. I didn’t find it to be cakey, or too much. To me, it behaves the way I want a full coverage product to do so. Once this runs out, I will be repurchasing and it is heading right into my main makeup bag!

Have you tried this foundation before? Or have you found a good dupe? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to try out this foundation yourself, you can find it here!

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