My New Years Resolutions

Every year I set resolutions, and until the last few years, I didn’t stick to any of them!

I seem to always set similar ones as well, so I need to start sticking to my most common ones. So as I sit here finalising this post on Christmas Eve, I’m thinking over everything I’ve written and my main aim is to avoid making this the most clichĂ© resolutions post!

NewYears Resolutions

  1. Stick to a more balanced diet

    I changed this from loose .. amount of weight. Every year without a fail I set this goal with a number, and I feel terrible when I don’t reach it. This year, I just want to stick to getting into healthier habits and improving my diet.

  2. Stick to a study plan.

    This will be a huge thing for me. I struggle to stay motivated to study or do readings, as I can become easily distracted and just end up in a YouTube hole. This year, I want to set out a schedule for my free days so I can work on achieving the best possible grades!

  3. Create a blogging and YouTube schedule

    I don’t currently have an actual schedule for either of these. Right now I’m very much winging it and barely posting regularly. I want to grow my blog in 2018, so the first resolution was to double my blog income, but I don’t really want to put a figure on it, money wise. Mostly because if I managed to double views, subscribers or followers, I’d also be happy.

  4. Focus on improving my mental health

    After what happened earlier this year, I’m spending 2018 making sure I put my mental health first. This sounds very simple, but this means taking my medication DAILY and having a minimum of one self-care day a week.

So there are my resolutions for 2018. I feel having less is more when it comes to resolutions. Usually, if you have a huge list, so many will be forgotten about and will not be completed (unless you’re super organised!)

Have you set any resolutions? Cement them by letting me know in the comments!

I hope all of you lovely people have a fabulous 2018!

Love, Bronagh

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