Christmas Homeware with JD Williams

Recently, I’ve become more and more obsessed with gorgeous homeware.

Maybe it’s being partnered with a candle company, but I’ve been looking into lots of cute little things for around the flat. So when JD Williams approached me about doing a post on their Christmas Range, I couldn’t say no!

JW WIlliams ALL

The Ranges I had to choose from are Bedding Sets, Bed Spreads and Christmas Decorations. I got from the first and third categories. You can see the full range here!

Baroque Jacquard Silver Duvet Cover Set in King Size*

How GORGEOUS is this bedspread! I adore neutral bedsheets because I don’t have to worry about Derek saying they look to “feminine”. Plus these are so soft! They gave me such a good nights sleep! The set contained two pillowcases¬†& a duvet case.

White LED Tree

Dream white LED Christmas Tree*

This little tree is insanely beautiful. I’ve placed it on my bedside table. It’s one of those things you could definitely keep up all year round (or at least I will!) The best part is how the battery part is hidden, it’s below a sliding piece of wood, which means it’s tucked away and out of site.


Reindeer Doorstop*

Fun Fact – In my flat, all the doors are fire doors, which means they close on their own unless there is a doorstop there to prevent it from happening. At first, I saw this as a huge inconvenience, but now it means I can experiment with different doorstops, and seeing how they can influence the other decorations. This one is gorgeous, but because our doors are insanely stubborn, I do have to double it with another. I did, however, try it on our only non-fire door and it worked a treat!

Santa Stockings

Tartan Santa Stockings*

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets me more excited for Christmas than hanging up a Christmas stocking! These little beauties are the perfect size for any smaller prezzies! I’ve been able to place the majority of Derek’s smaller gifts in his one of these. Plus, and this is my favourite part, if you’re a dab hand with a sewing needle, you could easily monogram them with names! This personally is my plan, and I will post a photo on my Instagram once it is completed!

So that is everything I received from JD Williams. Which item was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Bronagh

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*All Items within this post were sent for free in return for a blog post – all opinions are my own*

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